3 responses to “Bullying: A Real World Experience”

  1. Carolina Valdez Miller

    It’s so good to know that this particular situation was resolved well. It’s scary how many cases go unresolved and sometimes escalate into much scarier things, even if it’s just the victim turning inward. Bullying can do serious damage. What a strong girl Gabbie is. She should feel very proud of herself for talking to a trusted adult about her situation and standing up for herself. I pray that if my children ever faced a bullying situation that they would talk to me or an adult they trust about it.

  2. Jessica Capelle

    Thanks for the post LK and to Gabbie and Brooke for sharing. So glad things worked out well for her. It’s important for kids to see stories like this and know that they can come forward and stand up for themselves. Gabbie sounds like an awesome kid!

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