Sloth on a Shelf – Day 3

When I came downstairs this morning, I was greeted by the sight of Sergio standing at attention on my day
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Sloth on a Shelf – Day 2

Here we go, folks... Sergio saw an elf ornament in an ad so he ran outside and climbed up into
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Sloth on a Shelf – Day 1

As the holiday season rolls into December, all sorts of traditions come to light, whether based on religion or not.
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By Rstoplabe14 at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

What Makes a Book Middle Grade?

By Oxyman - Own work, CC BY 2.5, LinkRecently, I was discussing the arc for the
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Riding the Rail

These days I never know what Sergio is going to get up to. Imagine my surprise when I hear him
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